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Both TEPSI S.A. As our staff, they are duly registered with different organizations, which is why we are able to carry out any type of environmental work in various jurisdictions and Application Authorities. We offer specific studies, advice, training and procedures related to all matters in the matter that your organization may need:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of establishments to be installed or pre-existing.
  • Environmental audit. Due Diligence.
  • Industrial Filing, Zoning, Industry Categorization.
  • Generation and implementation of the company’s Environmental Management Manual. Planning of Corrections and / or Adaptations.
  • Management and attention to requests from Authorities and suppliers related to the environmental management of the company.
  • Determination of environmental liabilities: Opening Audits and Closing Audits. Determination of the degree of contamination in receiving bodies (superficial and underground soils and aquifers).
  • Environmental Risk Studies.
  • Determination of the degree of contamination, remediation of soils and underground aquifers contaminated by hydrocarbons.
  • Comprehensive advice on waste management mass balance




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